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Duvet Tog Guide

Did you know that there is a very easy way to discover how warm your new duvet will be? A super thick, heavy duvet may not actually be the warmest option. This is why every duvet is given a tog rating which is printed right on the label.  A tog is a number that measures …

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Pillow Sizes

With so many pillows on the market, you want to be sure to pick the perfect one. This can be quite a challenge! You need your pillow to not only feel good under your head, but you also need it to be the right size for your bed. Choosing the right-sized pillow is necessary to …

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How to Wash Pillows

A good night’s sleep is essential to your health and happiness. Sleeping well can depend greatly on the comfort of your bed. Ensuring your bed is cosy and inviting is a very important task. One thing you can easily do to make your bed more welcoming is to keep it clean. Not only should you …

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How to Wash a Duvet

There is no better feeling than crawling under a clean, cosy duvet at night. It just feels so good! However, a duvet can be intimidating to clean. They are so big and bulky and often have specific washing needs. This guide will tell you exactly how to wash your duvet, making it easy to get …

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Duvet Sizes

Looking to treat yourself to a brand-new duvet? It is pretty exciting to invest in new bedding. Not only will a beautiful new duvet make your bed look more inviting, but it can also help you feel cosier at night when you get to crawl into bed. However, there are two tricky aspects to purchasing …

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