Bath Towel vs Bath Sheet

If you are shopping for new textiles for your bathroom, you may be a little confused by some of the options. There are lots of different choices out there especially when it comes to bath towels and sheets. You may want to learn the difference between the two before you start purchasing. 

What is a Bath Towel?

A bath towel is a large, absorbent towel that will completely cover your body, drying you off after a shower or bath. Bath towels are designed to wrap completely around your body easily so you can stay warm, covered and dry. Bath towels come in all different sizes depending on the brand.

What is a Bath Sheet?

Just like a bath towel, a bath sheet is a super large towel that will help you dry off after a shower. Bath sheets tend to be a standard size and larger than bath towels. A bath sheet is just as absorbent as a bath towel but is good for those who are looking for something nice and big. 

Bath Towels Vs Bath Sheets

So, what is the real difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet? The main difference is the size. Bath towels are smaller than bath sheets. A smaller size can have its benefits but some may prefer the larger sheet. Here is a quick look at the differences between bath towels and bath sheets. Hopefully, this will help you choose which is best for you!

1.	Size
Bath Towels: A standard-sized bath towel is about 31 inches by 57 inches. However, they can be even smaller. Bath towels come in all different sizes and there is no set standard. However, they are always smaller than a bath sheet. 
Bath Sheets: Bath sheets tend to be much larger than bath towels. A typical bath towel will be about 40 inches by 70 inches. This is large enough to wrap around any size person! They are wider and longer than any bath towel. To remember which is larger, simply think of how the sheets on your bed are big - bath sheets are big too! Sheet = big. 
2.	Absorbency
Bath Towels: Bath towels are usually made of terry cloth. This soft fabric has lots of miniature loops that make it a moisture-absorbing fibre. The fibre is usually cotton or polyester. When the material comes in contact with something wet, it will soak up the liquid and leave behind a dry surface. 
Bath Sheets: Bath sheets are made of the same materials as bath towels. However, since they are larger in size, they will absorb more water. A greater surface area allows for more liquid to be absorbed by the bath sheet. 
3.	Best for Families
Bath Towels: Bath towels are great for families especially those with smaller children. The smaller size of a bath towel will be easier for a young child to use. Bath towels are not too heavy or big for a kid to easily wrap around themselves after a nice bath. They are also still large enough for an adult to use.
Bath Sheets: Bath sheets can be too big for kids to manoeuvre. The large size can be tricky to wrap and fold. However, they are great for larger adults who may appreciate the extra coverage.  
4.	Uses
Bath Towels:  Bath towels are perfect for use after a shower or bath. You can wrap them around your hair neatly and they will store nicely in a smaller closet. 
Bath Sheets: Bath sheets can be used in the bathroom to help you dry off after a shower. They are also large enough to use as beach towels. You can lay a bath sheet on the sand and have plenty of space to stretch out in the sun.  
5.	Price
Bath Towels: Bath towels are typically cheaper than bath sheets. This is mainly due to the smaller size options. 
Bath Sheets: Bath sheets may cost a little bit more than a bath towel. Not only are bath sheets bigger, but they are considered more luxurious, a notion that can add to the price tag.

Bath towels and bath sheets both have their own pros and cons. Consider all of these factors when you choose between purchasing bath towels or bath sheets. You will be making a well-educated purchase now!

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