How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy brings along a whole lot of changes to your body. It can become harder to walk, harder to breathe and even harder to sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep before the baby is born is essential. Your body needs to rest in order to have a healthy pregnancy but this is much easier said than done! 

A good pregnancy pillow may be exactly what you need to get the sleep you need (and deserve!). There are several types of pregnancy pillows on the market, each with a different shape, structure and ability to help your aches and pains. With one of these unique pillows in your bed, you may actually get some sleep before your baby arrives. 

Fun Fact: 78% of women experience more disturbed sleep when pregnant. Good sleep is actually proven to help reduce the risk of birth complications.

1.	U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
U-shaped pillows essentially look like a giant letter U. It is designed to completely wrap around you, nestling you inside and providing comfort from all angles. 
The flat base of the “U” is actually where your head goes. Place your legs on either side of the pillow, holding it between your knees. Snuggle up with your U pillow and you will get full body support.
U-shaped pillows are great for anyone who sleeps on their side and great for those who tend to move around a lot and wake up from movement. This pillow will keep you in one, cosy place. U pillows are large so you will need a big bed to fit this pregnancy pillow in.
2.	Wedge Pregnancy Pillows
The main idea behind a wedge pregnancy pillow is to give your growing belly more support. Wedge pillows are small and look like a triangle or a half circle. To use a wedge pillow, simply stick the wedge under your belly or under the area that hurts the most. You will have extra, soft support that should give you some comfort. 
Wedge pillows are great for tight budgets and also for small beds. They may not cost too much but they will give you the comfort you need to get through a tough 9 months.
3.	C-Shaped Pillow
You probably guessed that the C-shaped pregnancy pillow is shaped like the letter C. These big pillows are quite cosy and will give you full body support. These pillows are also good for back pain which many pregnant women experience. 
The curve of the C should be at your back and the top of the C is where your head goes. Place the bottom part of the pillow between your thighs and then drift off to a peaceful, pregnant sleep. 
4.	Body Pillow
A large, straight pillow may be all you need to get through the discomfort of pregnancy. They are also quite easy to find nearby.
 A full-body pillow can be like another person in the bed. This is mostly because body pillows go vertical in the bed, dividing it right down the middle of your bed. Wrap your arms and legs around the body pillow and squeeze it tightly all night long.

It can be hard to decide which shape body pillow is best for you however, they are all great options and will all help you sleep better. Think about your bed size and natural sleeping position before you buy. This will help you get the best pillow for your specific pregnancy ailments. Be sure to keep the pillow even after you are no longer pregnant. It will still be quite comfortable!

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