How to Wash Pillows

A good night’s sleep is essential to your health and happiness. Sleeping well can depend greatly on the comfort of your bed. Ensuring your bed is cosy and inviting is a very important task.

One thing you can easily do to make your bed more welcoming is to keep it clean. Not only should you clean your sheets and duvet, but you should also wash your pillows. We have quite a few tips and tricks to share to help you keep your pillows in their best shape ever.

Steps for Washing Cotton, Down and Synthetic Pillows
1.	Take off the pillow covers. Any pillow cases, shams or added zippered protective covers should be removed. These should be washed separately.
2.	Place your pillow in your washing machine. Even down or feather pillows are safe to wash! 
3.	Add your laundry detergent. Place it in the detergent cup or into the wash basin itself.
4.	Start the washing cycle. If your machine has a “large/bulky” or “heavy duty” cycle, use this. Adjust your washing machine settings so it uses hot or warm water and does an extra rinse cycle. 
5.	Place your clean pillows into the dryer. For feather pillows, set the dryer so the heat is off and you are just fluffing the pillows with air. If you are drying synthetic pillows, you can use low heat. 
6.	Use tennis balls to fluff the pillows. Place two to three tennis balls inside clean, dry socks. Place the socks into the dryer. The tennis balls will bounce around, fluffing the pillows as they dry and helping them keep their shape. 
7.	Double-check the pillows. Make sure they are completely dry. If they are damp, place them back in the dryer for extra drying time. 
*Tip: Spot clean the pillow before washing. Use a little liquid detergent to rub on any stains. 
*Tip: Wash two pillows at once to keep the washing machine and dryer balanced.
How to Wash Memory Foam Pillows
1.	Remove the covers. Remove the zippered protective cover as well as any pillowcases or shams. 
2.	Fill a large tub or basin with water. A regular washing machine is too harsh for a pillow made of memory foam and may cause it to fall apart. Hand washing is best.
3.	Add liquid detergent to the tub full of water. Stir the detergent in, making it a little bubbly. 
4.	Submerge your pillow in the soapy water. Use your hands to wash and churn the pillow, squeezing it to help it absorb and release the soapy water. 
5.	Rinse the pillow with fresh water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and get any dirty, soapy water out of the pillow.
6.	Squeeze the pillow between two towels - Get out as much extra moisture as possible. 
7.	Lay the memory foam pillow flat to dry. Place it in the sun if possible. Be sure it is completely dry before putting the pillowcase back on.

*Tip: Always check the tag on your pillowcase for washing directions. It is very rare but some pillows require dry cleaning only. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Pillows?

Wash your pillows at least every 3 months. Pillowcases should be washed weekly along with your sheets and bedding. You should also consider replacing your pillows every two years as they can flatten over time. 

Follow these helpful steps and your pillows will be clean, fresh and ready to help you get a nice, deep sleep. You will be surprised how much a clean pillow can help you sleep!

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