What to Do with Old Towels

Experts advise that you replace your bath towels every two years. If you choose to take this advice, you will always have clean, sanitary, rip-free bath towels. However, what should you do with all those old towels? There are plenty of ways to use old bath towels, using them in new, creative ways.

We discovered that there are plenty of ways to reuse bath towels and found our favourite 12 ways to repurpose your old towels. They will not go to waste!

12 Ways to Use Old Towels
Baby Wipes
Cut your old towels into small squares. Wash them with hot water to sanitize and clean them. Dip them in a little water when needed then use them as reusable baby wipes. 
Washable Beach Bag
Cut your old towel into two large squares. Sew three of the sides together, leaving one side open. Attach handles to the open side and you have created a washable, absorbent beach bag. 
Draft Guard
Roll up the old towel and press it against the bottom of your door, blocking any cold draft from coming into your home. 
Oil Stick
Cut an old towel into small, long strips. Dip a strip into your oil tank to check your car’s oil levels. 
Dish Drying Rag
Cut your old towel into small rectangles and store them in your kitchen drawer. Use the towels to dry your dishes, leaving them streak and spot-free. 
Cleaning Rags
Cut your towels into smaller pieces and use them for cleaning. They are great for dusting, washing walls or even for washing kitchen floors. Wash and reuse these cleaning towels again and again. 
Homemade Dog Toys
Cut your towel into long, 8 cm strips, making them as long as you’d like. Tie three strips together near the ends then braid the strips together. Tie another knot at the end to hold the braid. Toss it to your dog as the perfect tug toy. 
Animal Shelter Donations
Bring your old, clean towels to your local animal shelter. They will be able to use them to wash and dry shelter pups, give the dogs a soft place to lay and help clean up any messes. 
Ironing Board Pads
Cut your old bath towel to be the same shape as your ironing board. Place the towel on top of the ironing board and then place an old sheet on top of that. Tuck the sheet under the ironing board tightly and you are ready to iron on a clean, soft surface.
Homemade Mop
Cut your old towel into small, 4 cm strips. Make the strips about 46 cm long and tie the ends together using twine or string. Attach the homemade mop head to an old mop or broom handle and you are ready to mop your floors! 
Cushioning for Packages
Use small, old towels as cushioning for packages. They will help prevent the contents of the packages from moving during shipping. They will also keep fragile items safe. 
Homemade Pot Holders
Cut your old towels into 20-inch squares. Place three squares together and sew the edges. Your new, thick pot holders will keep your hands safe and they are washable.

There are so many great ways to use old towels so go ahead and buy those new ones you have been thinking about. The old towels will still be quite useful in a whole new way. Let us know your favourite way to reuse your old towels!

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