Your Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Bed Sizes: From Single to Super King

Understanding bed sizes is crucial. Why? Let’s paint a picture. You move into a new place, but you only have so much space available. Perhaps you want to fit bedside tables on either side or maybe you want the bed as big as the room will allow. To find the bed that’s right for you, you need to know the sizes – from single to super king.

Then, there’s comfort levels. Did you know that the size of your bed can affect your sleep quality? If you’re stuck in a smaller bed, research indicates that you’re less likely to feel fully rested when you wake up.

Luckily, this article has you covered. We’ll explore every bed size, including single, double, small double, queen, king, and super king. That way, by the time you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly the bed size you need to buy.

What Size Is a Single Bed?

A single bed is the smallest sized bed available. You can’t beat a single bed if you want to make use of a room with limited space or if you’re buying a bed for your young child. You may also prefer to shop for a single bed as they tend to be more affordable and are excellent for multi-purpose spaces.

What we refer to as a “single bed” here in the UK or a “twin bed” in North America tends to be 90 x 190 cm. That’s equivalent to 35 x 75 inches.

What Size Is a Small Double Bed?

Also called the “three-quarter bed,” in some areas of the world, the small double bed sits in between a single and a double bed. At 120 x 190 cm (or 47 x 75 inches), the small double is the ideal choice if you don’t want the restricted space of a single bed, but your room doesn’t have the capacity for a full-size double.

What Size Is a Double Bed?

Many of us will have a double bed – in fact, the double is the most common bed size in the UK. Many newly built homes are created with the double bed size in mind – catering to its 135 x 190 cm (or 53 x 75 inches) dimensions with a bedside table on either side.

The double bed gives us plenty of space if we’re sleeping on our own or a cosy closeness for couples. However, if you or your partner wiggle about at night or get too hot and need extra space, a double bed may not be for you.

What Size Is a King Size Bed?

If you find that you and your partner need more breathing space, or you often co-sleep with your kids, a king-size bed may be for you. King-size beds are perfect for those of us who are sick and tired of sleeping in a standard-size bed and need a little more room.

The king-size bed offers a luxurious 150 cm width and 200 cm length, or 59 x 79 inches. However, this size varies depending on where you live, so be sure to check the typical king bed size in your region.

What Size Is a Queen Bed?

The queen bed is slightly larger than the king bed, which tends to confuse people. However, this is only by a fraction, and you may not notice much of a difference. Queen beds tend to be 160 cm wide and 200 cm in length, equivalent to 59 x 79 inches.

We often give our teens queen-sized beds in the UK, as these beds offer the perfect balance – they give them more sleeping space but don’t take up too much of the room. However, the queen bed isn’t solely for this purpose – many American bed and mattress shops report that the queen-sized bed is the most popular size available. So, while Brits prefer the double bed, Americans often go for the queen-sized bed.

What Size Is a Super King Bed?

The super king bed is the mother of all beds, the height of bedroom luxury. Measuring 180 x 200 cm, this bed is sure to give couples the space they need.

The super king bed is the widest standard bed size that’s available on the market, meaning you can’t get much more comfort than this. If you prefer to spread out while you sleep or are trying to escape your partner’s constant twisting and turning during the night, you can’t get better than the super king.

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